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Helen Donkin

Nutrition Programme consultant

Helen is a registered dietitian (DT0042650) with the HPCSA and has a Master’s in Public Health from Edinburgh University. She has 6 years’ experience focusing on maternal, infant and child health and nutrition in various health systems.

Helen managed the dietetics department at Settlers Hospital in Makhanda for Eastern Cape Department of Health from 2015 2016. Responsible for all department decisions, and setting and reaching operational objectives. Managed the EPOCBEXED clinical trail at Helen Joseph hospital in 2017. She supervised community service dietitians in the dietetics department at Settlers Hospital for 2 years, reviewed their performance, supervised and mentored them. During this time, she was also in charge of stock and budget management, procurement and distribution of nutritional products.
While working for DOH, Helen implemented several nutrition programmes in the district in collaboration with the district nutrition manager. Most  notably targeted s
upplemental feeding, as well as Integrated Management of Acute  Malnutrition (IMAM) with a strong focus on strengthening bidirectional referral and stakeholder management between local clinics, the district hospital and families.

Helen is a Training Specialist Prepared, organized and presented training to varied groups of health professionals, community health workers, nonclinical staff, foundation phase education students at Rhodes University, and lay persons. Topics included health promotion, chronic diseases, childhood  malnutrition management, healthy eating for school aged children. Trainer of trainers as well as presenting the 20hour accredited course for the Mother Baby Friendly Initiative (MBFI). She has collected most valuable Experience with marginalized and vulnerable communities whilst she worked with children and adults with mental and physical disabilities in the Eastern Cape as well as Scotland for 6 years people with substance misuse, poverty, vulnerable children, and people living with HIV.

For Zero2Five Trust, Helen’s portfolio also entails Analysis Report writing, theoretical
application to real world health problems and preventative measures, critical appraisal of
research and evidence gained during master’s of public health studies.

I have a passion for children’s development and the longterm positive impacts it can have on communities. The ECD space offers opportunities to address quality nutrition, holistic care and development and so ensure brighter futures for children”


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