Julika Falconer


“I graduated from the University of Passau in Germany in 1996 and thereafter practiced law for three years. In 1999, in order to further my studies and to gain exposure to a different culture, I enrolled, and completed, a Master’s Degree in International Trade Law at the University of Cape Town. Having fallen in love with South Africa and its people, I decided to stay on. Initially I worked as a sworn English/German translator in the Cape Town courts. And it was during this period that I began working in the development arena, serving as a volunteer with an organisation supporting the street children living in Cape Town’s CBD. This experience changed my life, opening my eyes to the immense need and suffering of South Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children and, more importantly, to the truth that I had it in me to play an active and positive role in bringing a measure of relief and joy to their lives.

In 2004 I left Cape Town for Durban and settled near The Valley of a Thousand Hills with my new husband Patrick. Energised by my experiences in Cape Town and supported by my Germany family and friends, I established my first charitable organisation, Libalele Foundation, in 2005, serving orphaned and vulnerable children in The Valley of a Thousand Hills. This endeavour was driven by passion and funded primarily by family and friends. By 2008, with our organisation continually extending its reach to meet the great needs that we encountered, we had the good fortune of receiving our first donation from Futurelife. We immediately recognised the smart food product was the ideal means of fortifying the diets of the malnourished children with which we were working. And as such were delighted that Futurelife agreed to continue working with us in an ongoing partnership. The results for the health of the children which whom we worked were nothing short of astonishing.

It was with this in mind, that in 2014 I approached the directors of Futurelife with a proposal that we establish the Futurelife Foundation. I saw the opportunity to dramatically increase the impact of our work by creating an effective distribution mechanism between the communities and organisations that support orphaned and vulnerable children and the Futurelife products and brand. I was therefore exceptionally delighted when Futurelife threw their weight behind this proposal. Futurelife Foundation Trust was founded in October 2014. In January 2018, several factors lead to renaming the trust to Zero2Five.Org. Our values and mission remain the same and I invite you to join us on this journey towards