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Mary James


Qualifications: D.Ed (hc Anglia Ruskin University)

Mary James holds an honorary doctorate in Early Education from Anglia Ruskin University and has worked in ECD in rural KZN communities for more than 30 years. Having grown up and been educated in Zululand, Mary is committed to improving the lives of young children who live and grow in the rural, under resourced communities.

The adage “It takes a village to raise a child” has been a guiding principle in all the years that she has worked in the ECD sector. Since her retirement from LETCEE, an ECD focused NGO, which she founded, Mary is keen to remain a villager by sharing her experience and knowledge with others in the sector. She enjoys equipping ECD practitioners with the skills to offer a stimulating, holistic programme to children, in a learning environment where they can play and learn, free from fear.

Mary joined the Zero2Five Trust board in March 2023 with the main task to bring her wealth of knowledge to our training and learning programme.


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