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KZN Programme Co-ordinator

Nokubonga holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Housing and is currently working on a postgrad diploma in Risk Management . She runs our KZN ECD programmes, in particular the Vangasali ECD registration campaign, with much skill, joy and passion.

Nokubonga, aka “Poppy” was born and raised in a small rural town in KZN called Estcourt and enjoys the days most, when our work takes her into deep rural areas of Kwa-Zulu Natal. She is passionate about community development in general and her heart is set on the early childhood sector where she can make a monumental difference to the lives of the ECD practitioners and children we serve.

Along with being an incredible facilitator of nutrition and training workshops, she also coordinates our collaborations with other organisations. She has an uncanny ability to break the ice at big cluster meetings and carries the biggest smile on her. Poppy strongly believes that we can turn the tide in our disadvantaged and under resourced communities if we all come together and contribute in a meaningful way.”


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