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2020 Annual Report

Zero2Five Trust is delighted to share our 202 annual report with you.

Last year was a year like no other for NPOs and individuals alike. It was a testing year on many levels. What we knew and had been accustomed to all but evaporated and our way of being and operating had to be altered significantly.

We started 2020 with the plan to focus and further develop our education programme – little did we know that the year would turn into one of a manic feeding frenzy in our poor communities. As children were housebound from March and no longer able to attend ECD programmes, our attention shifted to focus on ways to support and continue the feeding, learning, nurturing, care and stimulation of young children whilst at home for much of the remainder of the year.

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2019 Annual Report

It is with great pride that we present our 2019 activity report. It highlights the many outreaches, projects, programmes and and workshops that we have organised and hosted in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Sector during a busy, productive and rewarding year.

We will remember 2019 as a remarkable year of growth of all our three programmes  and the year where we managed to roll out our nutrition programme in the second province being the desperately needy Eastern Cape.

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2018 Activity Report

We will remember 2018 as the year in which we found a new name for the trust and redefined our purpose and mission in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector. Through this rebranding process, we took a strong look at where we have come from, who our main supporters are and what our long term goal is.

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2017 Activity Report

We are closing another very successful year which has seen the
Virtuous Circle Project roll at full steam at 20 Primary Schools and
which took us to 2 big shows in Europe being the InterPack in Dusseldorf
in May and the AidEx in November 2017.

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2016 Activity Report

2016 was a big year for us at Futurelife Foundation Trust. This has
been our first full calendar year since start-up and all our different
programmes have continued gaining momentum. With growing support from
corporate and private sponsors, in particular from FUTURELIFE®, we were
able to expand our nutrition programme significantly. We now have 3
orphanages and 62 ECD Centres with more than 5000 children (between 1
and 5 years old) on our daily nutrition programme.

Click here to read the full 2016 Activity Report


2015 Annual Report

It was a great year for the FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust with many
children benefiting. We hope that the years to come will only bring
better results.

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